Upto 25% Discounts -Membership Benefit Program

Membership Benefit Program is formulated to help fellow WordPress developer community to earn more and save on using our plugins in their projects . If you’re a developer, and subscribe to membership , you’ll automatically get 20% or 25% off every plugin that you purchase, which will help you make a lot of money.

High Number of Domains Use

Depending upon your Membership plans, every plugin that you buy , not only get you discounts of 20 to 25% automatically on purchase, but you can also use those plugins on two to five domains. It means that you can use the plugins on TWO clients (silver plan) or for FIVE clients (Gold plan) .

Just think how less will be the cost per client . Additionally, you’ll get higher numbers of activation APIs, which will help you make even more money.

So if you’re a developer, then our Developer account is perfect for you!