2 Amazing HyperLinks Powers on Web Table

The Google Sheet like Excel is wonderful. So, if you use our GS2Web SaaS add-on to create a web table that be displayed anywhere -be it WordPress or Wix or Squarespce of even Blogger , readers will be happy to know that we have added two amazing powers in the hyperlinks in put in Google Sheet table.

1.Small Preview on hovering over Hyperlinked Words

When you publish a table with hyperlinked any word in a Google sheet table , your users will see a preview of the content of the URL when he hovers over the word. Like this

2 GS2Web Table Opens Hyperlinks in Modal Popups

Now many hyperlinks like YouTube video or Soundcloud audio , or presentation from Slideshares or even Forms built of JotForm or Typeform will open then and there when you click the hyperlinked text. Watch the video below:

You want to test yourself ……….. click this demo table

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