What are various course settings in LearnDash that you should know?

The LearnDash various course settings is where you can set some options that will apply to all courses on your site. Courses are the backbone of any learning curriculum. This section will break down everything you can do with LearnDash courses customize settings, add content, control access and more.

various course settings

Various course settings are organized into a few sections, outlined below.

  • Global Course Settings – Settings applied to all courses on your site
  • Shared Course Steps – Reuse lessons, topics & quizzes across multiple courses
  • The Course Builder – Add, edit, remove & organize course steps
  • Display & Content Settings – Add materials, assign certificates & more
  • Configure Course Access – Offer free courses, require login, charge a fee, set prerequisites & more
  • Course Progression Options – How a user can navigate through your course
  • Course Page – Course title, image, URL & a description

Learndash Course Settings Videos

Learndash Course Settings Explained

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For more you should see the learndash documentation