Google spreadsheet as database for WordPress is a great idea because maintaining database is not only require the deep learning curve but also involve huge monthly cost specially if the number of records of database goes above 5000 or more. Introducing you to a simple script combination  which facilitate using the Google sheet as a back end database .

Google Sheet to WordPress Script : 5 Distinct Benefits

Google sheet as database
The premium script lets you use the Google spreadsheet  as database has following five distinct benefit which is not available anywhere :

The number of rows may be 10,000 or 20,000 or 30000 …….it does not matter.

There is no load on your server as all the load is taken by the  Google doc server . So, the page on which the query from database is done and the result appears, is not at all slowed down.

Its one time cost instead of recurring cost of maintaining data.

You can use it for creating mobile Apps too. Just upload the file and the html file is put in any mobile menu within your APP.

Example 1: Query Google Sheet for Current Currency Rates

Now the above example was quite innovative. I hope you have understood the concept.

20,000 Rows Yet, Query So Easy . Check it Out

Below is one example how this script will let you use a database of data inside the google spreadsheet . The database is of more than 15,000 rows of bank data .