How to Embed Audio to Images in WordPress ?

If you want to embed audio in an images published on WordPress ,now it is possible . There maybe variety of reasons that the audio embedded to an image can be helpful to a site owner . First and foremost benefit is the enlargement of audience. Say , you have published a post which is relevant to Mexicans…..would it not … Read More

How to Create Mixed Quiz in Wp-Pro-Quiz ?


With the release of version four of the Wp-Pro-Quiz -Premium version , it is possible beautifully to create mixed types of quiz. What it means is that you can import various types of quizzes like- single answer types, multiple answer types, sort answer type, matrix sort answer type , fill the gap or Cloze answer type or assessment answer types … Read More

Excel to Learndash-Version-4 Released

After many coding hours ,we finally came out with version 4 of the Excel to LearnDash -Platinum edition. With this edition, you can now feel more power, enhanced productivity and considerable time savings beacuse , now onwards you can create mixed type quizzes. For that no extra effort required , but just  keep the quiz name same in each template … Read More

How to Format LifterLMS Quiz Questions and Options ?

Readers should be happy to note that Excel to LifterLMS plugin allows you to change the colour of text of question or options given for quiz. So if you want a particular word in RED or any colour, you can do so at the time of creating quiz within excel spreadsheet itself. When you import the quiz, the coloured text … Read More

How to Change Text Color of Quiz Questions in Wp-Pro-Quiz


yesterday , we wrote a guide on how to create fill the blanks quiz in wp-pro-quiz. Today we are here with another tutorial on colorizing the text of quiz questions.  If you are using our MT-Quiz-Import , the extension plugin for Wp-Pro-Quiz , for icreating and importing quiz questions on excel spreadsheet  and then bulk import it , you will be … Read More

How to Import Fill the Blank Quiz in Wp-Pro-Quiz

Wp-Pro-Quiz provides among many type of quiz creations facility. One of them is Fill the Blank or Fill the Gap type quiz. This type of quizzes are often used in tests for a language grammar where multiple choice questions are not suitable many times.  MT-Quiz-Import plugin that allows imports of quiz questions from excel spreadsheet to WordPress has also facility … Read More

How to Use CSV for Multiple Answer Quiz in LearnPress ?

CSV Quiz Import plugin for LearnPress – WordPress LMS Plugin for WordPress-  well make life of a course creator easy . As you know that each course curriculum can have many quiz sets . One of the type of quiz that a course creator can create is questions with multiple correct answers. Now creating multiple answer quizzes one by one … Read More

How to use excel to post on WordPress including Yoast SEO meta data

How to use excel for posts and page in wordpress

Excel to Post or Page WordPress plugin is the easiest way to post articles  on WordPress straight from excel spreadsheet to WordPress. Using excel spreadsheet is common everywhere. So if you open a simple excel template and fill the column for title , description , categories, tags and give image file name ……………..and just upload that excel file to WordPress … Read More