How to Publish A Real Time Data Table on WordPress?

We all create data table on Google Spreadsheet . How about showing this data table as a web table on your WordPress website.What if the data table updates in almost real time ………the moment you publish the spreadsheet after making changes. Introducing GsheetPress Table WordPress Plugin  that lets you pubish on your wordpress site An […]

Sensei Course Export Plugin Version 2 Released !

Woo Sensei Export Plugin has got a major update and a lot more choices for the user of this extension plugin for woo sensei. So what are the new changes? Now you can export  courses with the following choices (i) Export all published courses along with lessons (ii) Export, only courses that are in Draft (iii) […]

How to Build Video Course on LearnDash from Excel Spreadsheet ?

As you know , we have already introduced the Excel to Learndash course importer plugin and with version 3 released yesterday , its capability has been enhanced tremedously. Now , a course creator can plan and create video on a special excel spreadsheet and just import it to create the whole progressive video course on […]

Sensei : How to Import Fill in The Gap Quiz from Excel Spreadsheet

The Excel to Sensei plugin  can let you easily create and import all kinds of quizzes on Woo-Sensei enable courses. One of them is Fill the Gap type quiz question . Watch the video beloto see how easily you can create and import such quizzes from excel spreadsheet to the Sensei.  

How to Import Single Line Quiz From Excel to Sensei

sensei quiz import

Excel to Sensei WordPress plugin allows you to import quiz question of various types from excel spreadsheet to your WordPress site where you are hosting the woo-sensei enable online courses. One of the types of quiz in woo-sensei is Single Line quiz. In this video post, we are showing you how to create and import […]

How to Use Google Spreadsheet Addon For Learndash

Google spreadsheet add-on for Learndash provides course creators and admin an easy way to track course and user activities inside the spreadsheet. In fact , one does not need to log in to his course site to check the various activities of users of different course . The spreadsheet addon for the learndash works only […]

How to Create Quiz Out of Published Quizzes in Learndash ?

Learndash allows at least seven types of quizzes for its courses. These quizzes are attached to topics or lessons . The test of user’s (learners) understanding of various lessons and topics are done through quizzes. What if you want to test your users by mixing quiz questions from various quizzes already published for a course. […]

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