(A )Refund Policy for Non-Subscription Products

Our refund policy is simple and dependent upon the type of products. If you have bought any product which is not a subscription-based product , the whole process of refund shall be as under (explained under subheads.

(I) Under what circumstances do we offer refunds?

Since we sell software and plugins for WordPress, a customer must claim by raising a support ticket by visiting https://support.wppluginsforyou.com and asking for a refund within seven days of buying the product subject to point A(ii) below. After that period, we will not entertain any refund claim.

(II) When will we have no obligation to offer refunds?

wppluginsforyou.com has no obligation to provide a refund or credit for reasons including but not limited to, if you:

  1. have changed your mind about a purchased product.
  2. bought a product by mistake.
  3. do not have sufficient expertise to use the product.
  4. do not have any need to use the product.

(iii) What customers required to do for getting a refund?

While raising the support ticket at https://support.wppluginsforyou.com, the customer must offer a 24-hour for rectifying or attending to any issue. For this, they must give access to their WordPress website.

(iv) Time frame in which you accept returns

Seven days from date of receipt of payment.

(v) When customers can expect a refund

Maximum seven days after we approve their claim of refund.

(B) Refund Policy for Subscription Based Products

Subscription-based products where a free trial period is included, there will not be any refund for the year a customer buy the subscription product .

Subscription-based products where the free trial is not included, all the policies as described above in points A(I) to A(V) shall apply.