GS2WP Calculator is a WordPress plugin that converts a calculator created on Google Spreadsheet to a web calculator on your WordPress page or post. The GS2WP plugin requires a special add-on GS2WP Calculator for Google Sheet.

Steps to create web calculator on WordPress from Google Sheet

  • Buy and Install the WordPress plugin -GS2WP Calculator
  • Create a one time password for login credentials for special Google sheet templates
  • Install the GS2WP addon to your Google sheet
  • Login with the credentials created on WordPress site
  • The template will arrive the moment you login to special templates
  • Create your calculator, share it publicly and publish it
  • Go to your WordPress admin => copy the created shortcode and paste it on any post or page .
  • That’s it , beautiful web calculator now appears on your site.

Watch Demo Video on how to login

Watch the Demo video of how to create a calculator for WordPress

Now you only need to know how to create a Google spreadsheet and moment you publish it there, shortcode for web calculator is created automatically.No need of any knowledge of programming or hiring the very costly professional web programmers.

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