Import Quiz to LearnDash- Text with Image in Questions as well as Option

excel-to-learndashReaders maybe aware that the LearnDash –the amazing learning Management System or LMS worpress plugin for running online courses allows you to create multiple choice questions ( MCQs) or other types of quizzes  .Yes. there are other wp course-wares , but LearnDash is special. More so because of its finest extensions that harness the capability of LearnDash as a Learning Management System

Import Quiz Hybrid Questions from Excel  to LearnDash

Under learndash, you can actually create hybrid questions questions out of images and answers maybe in text. Or reverse is also possible , the question is text and answers are images. However , if you wish to create hybrid questions and answers , like the questions not only has the text , but also images , it is possible too!

If you have Standard or Pro version of Excel to LearnDash wordpress plugin , you can easily create the hybrid quizzes ( text & images questions together ) and then simply import it to your LearnDash . For the help of user , special excel template has been created , which must be used by the user who desires to create the hybrid-text & image together types- quizzes for their courseware.

How to Use Excel for Creating Quizzes with Images & Text Together

Step1 :  Use the special template provided with the excel to learndash plugin.

Step 2:  Upload the images to wordpress site or even dropbox and then note the full address.

Step 3 : In the Excel Template for quiz, fill up the text in text column and full  url address of image

Video on Import Quiz with Images from Excel

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