LifterLMS : 5 Excel Based Plugins That Saves Your Time !

Do you use LifterLMS to create online courses? If yes, then let me introduce you , five extension plugins for LifterLMS that are great time saver and productivity enhancer. These excel based import export extension plugins for LifterLMS WordPress plugin have been created with one single goal- Save precious time and effort of course creators.

Excel Based Import Export Plugins


Plugin No 1 Excel to LifetrLMS Quiz Importer

How do you create quizzes? Manually ?One by one,Isn’t it creating quizzes one by one is tedious ,arduous and quite time consuming? Here is a short cut to save time and increase productivity. Use our Excel to LifterLMS Quiz Importer plugin and create thousands of quizzes in a very very short span of time . It involves just two steps create the quiz on excel spreadsheet and import it. See the demo video

That’s simple!

Plugin No 2 -LifterLMS to Excel Quiz Exporter

And he ! if you wish we have another plugin to export quizzes in excel format.So that was about saving time for creation of quizzes.

Plugin No 3 “Excel to LifterLMS Course Importer

This Plugin lets you create courses, sections and topics with categories ,tags on excel spreadsheet and then import it to LifterLMS. Every thing will go in place. In fact you can import the featured images for course lessons and topics too. Demo and Buy page it here

Plugin No 4 : Lifter LMS Course Enrollment Plugin

Do you want to uplaod and enroll a bunch of users who wants to your course .Just use this plugin and you can import a gropu of user s to enroll in different courses. Details about this product

Plugin No 5 :LifterLMS to Excel Course Progress report Exporter

Then we have another amazing plugin for reporting side of LifterLMS. Install this plugin and export all users with mail and their performance course wise in excel format. Thus you can apply all analytical tools available with in excel . Get product details here