Why plagiarism checker for WordPress based LMS is a must!

A considerable number of people are joining online courses. WordPress has an amazing number of plugins that creates Learning Mangement System. Some of the most popular LMS plugins are Learndash, Woo Sensei, LifterLMS, LearnPress, WPLMS . A teacher or instructor using these courseware plugins can task students with assignments in lesson or topics. The student is supposed to upload the assignment in form of DOCX or PDF or XLSX or even in other formats.

Why Online Plagiarism Checker?

The first and foremost reason for using a plagiarism checker is the authenticity of the uploaded assignments. How does a teacher or instructor know if the students have not copied the contents of assignments from easily available online materials? The second reason for using an online plagiarism checker for an eLearning course is that it makes the task the instructor simple and easy.

List of plagiarism checker

The other important reasons have been elaborated below:

  1. Unicheck – It provides beautiful PDF reports after checking the contents . The API works well and fast.
  2. Copyleaks– This is a very good and an easy to use plagiarism checker. The reliability is quite high. It also provides an API .
  3. Oxsic– is Oxford plagiarism checker. It uses proprietary plagiarism checking algorithm.It throws results, though, a bit delayed one is good.
  4. DupliChecker This online software gives the option of either copy-pasting or uploading content for assessment. Some free service include the offer of 1 free search daily while registered users can do up to 50 searches a day.
  5. Grammarly – known for grammar checker features but it has a plagiarism checker as well is .
  6. Copyscape– They are fast , but can not check PDF. That is a big minus
  7. PlagTracker -This is a free software, however, has some limitations.
  8. Plagium -This plagiarism checker scans even social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.
  9. Plagscan This checks not only online content but also internal databases. It allows for uploading of multiple documents. . Plagscan has a limited free trial for new users.

Learndash Plagiarism Checker

We have released a plagiarism checker plugin for Learndash that makes the life of Course Admin absolutely easy as far as checking the contents of assignments and essays submitted by the students. Watch the demo below