4 Plugins for LearnPress That Saves You Time!

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LearnPress courseware WordPress plugins have got four new friends that enhance the productivity of course creator by leaps and bounds. How? See the most time taking part of course creation is creating quizzes and actual courses and lessons. For every course, there may be hundreds or even thousands of quiz questions for practice and test purpose. Creating each question of different types -single answer or multiple answer type or Fill the Gap type – is a very tedious and time-consuming process.

What if you write all quizzes on an excel spreadsheet and import in one click. What if you write all course and lessons in an excel sheet and import it in one click. Such a time savers. Something that will take days can be completed in hours! So here are four premium extension plugins from us , that saves you time and effort!

1. Excel to LearnPress Quiz Import Plugin

The process is simple. Open the excel or CSV template, fill it with quizzes and import it. Watch the video on the product page

2. Excel to LearnPress Course Import Plugin

Similar to the quiz import, even the course import plugin is quite simple. You download the excel or CSV template, fill it and just import it. See the demo video for learnpress course import plugin

3. LearnPress Quiz Export Plugin

With one click, now you can export quiz questions, either all or quiz wise question to an excel spreadsheet or as CSV file. Watch the demo here

4. LearnPress Course Export Plugin

Similar to quiz export plugin, you can export all courses or some specific courses along with all lessons or topics to an excel sheet or CSV . Watch the course export video