How to Import Users or learners to Woo Sensei

Woo Sensei courseware plugin allows us to add learners to a course one at a time using the learner management tab for a specific course. So one one can understand how much time a course administrator will take if he is given to manually create hundreds of users. Now , this problem is over  as we have brought a lighet weight but very fast nifty plugin called Woo Sensei Custom User Import Plugin  ,

How this custom user import plugin for Woo Sensei work ?

Just open the csv template file ( you can download from within the wordpress admin ) and fill up the columns. Save it .

Then , just import the file and all the users with  twelve details will be imported . You can import twelve fields like –

  1. Name of user,
  2. user id,
  3. password,
  4. email ,
  5. address ,
  6. contact number,
  7. Role- teacher or subscriber ,
  8. organization,
  9. ordered by etc.
  10. Course Id or lesson Id (While importing custom user , you need to give either course ID or lesson ID .)

How to know course or lesson ID ?

just install the free plugins- Show IDs by 99 Robots  or reveal id

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