Audio Image -Basic WordPress Plugin

$75.00 / year

If you want to embed audio in an images published on WordPress ,now it is possible . There maybe variety of reasons that the audio embedded to an image can be helpful to a site owner.

What are the use cases of audio image plugin ?

Some of the use cases of the power of music on hover on an image on a website are :

  1. Webpages related to children: If you are using images of fruits, plants,birds,animals can have sound attached to it. So , when mouse is hovered by kids on such images relevant sound will make their learning or story more entertaining
  2. Courses on music: If you are musician and has started an online course , you can actually create a multiple choice questions quiz with music notes as answers options. [watch the demo video below]
  3. Voice Help: If you want to put a small help in voice , then place a help icon with attached voice.

Your imagination is the limit for this !