Verify Learndash Certificate Plugin: 10 Amazing features.

Suppose you are running a course website and using LearnDash to create courses that award certificates to your students. In that case, you know how important it is to maintain the authenticity of those certificates. As a website owner, you must ensure that the certificates generated from your website are genuine and cannot be forged. […]

How to Bulk Publish WordPress Posts or Pages with SEO Metadata?

bulk publish wordpress

In WordPress, you can create posts or pages one by one. Each post or page has several associated tasks like filling SEO metadata, feature images, category selection, tags, and hyperlinking specific keywords. While this can be perfectly alright, there may be many reasons why creating posts or pages one by one is a considerable time […]

Learndash Video Course or Audio Course Using Presto Player in Minutes!

Learndash video course

Learndash video course or audio courses using the amazing Presto player plugin is really a game-changing combination. But what if we suggest that you can even make the whole exercise of creating audio or video courses on Learndash in a jiffy if you import the audio or video Presto player embed code using our Learndash […]

Easily Create Learndash Random Quiz Dynamically ?

learndash random quiz

Learndash dynamic quiz and displaying it randomly is possible through a new amazing plugin QuizMixer . Yes, this plugin will let you use single or multiple correct answer type( two out of eight types of quizzes ) that can be assigned to a course in lessons or topics . This quiz mixing plugin also provides […]

Creating Learndash Quiz categories easily !

Learndash quiz categories

Learndash quiz category was previously not available . Since , Learndash functions on custom post, the usual categories for WordPress do not work for Learndash course,lesson,topis,or quizzes. The good news is that categories for Learndash quizzes are available now , but not enabled by default. So , many users may just be wondering about its […]

2 Easy Way to Export Learndash Courses in 2022

export learndash courses

Why export Learndash courses? Well there maybe many reasons . One is to use the course data on another website ,i.e you want to migrate the online course to another domain or server. Another reason may be to simply back up course, lesson and topics data with yourself. What are the two ways to export […]