Building Course Using LearnDash LMS : What You Need to Know First .

LearnDash lms setup

LearnDash LMS is great learning management systems implementor plugin on WordPress. While the set up of Learndash is quite easy , still for establishing a fully function online courses website requires certain important knowledge . This post is packed with those information about those most fundamental requirements. What is Learndash LMS plugin ? Better learn […]

What are various course settings in LearnDash that you should know?

various course settings

The LearnDash various course settings is where you can set some options that will apply to all courses on your site. Courses are the backbone of any learning curriculum. This section will break down everything you can do with LearnDash courses customize settings, add content, control access and more. Various course settings are organized into […]

Building a Stock Screener App within 30 Minutes Without Any Coding for Free

hqdefault 2

We see a lot of different stock screeners. It’s very overwhelming to even imagine creating these complex stock market screeners. But what if you can create an app screener of your own without any coding or complexities?  Developing this kind of stock screener can be intimidating at first. But, don’t worry,  there’s an easy way. […]

Easy Solution for Learndash Fatal Error: Uncaught Type Error Due to PHP 8.1 : Solve Easily !

LearnDash Installation Fatal Error

Have you encountered this recent phenomenon of Learndash installation fatal error giving message of Uncaught Type Error ? This is true for new installations or updates of Learndash on a WordPress running on PHP version 8.1. If you experienced a problem like the one given below, don’t worry. We have a solution. Fatal Error Message […]

Upto 25% Discounts -Membership Benefit Program

members benefit

Membership Benefit Program is formulated to help fellow WordPress developer community to earn more and save on using our plugins in their projects . If you’re a developer, and subscribe to membership , you’ll automatically get 20% or 25% off every plugin ( Except GS2WP Calculator ,GS2WP Table & GS2WP Quiz plugins) that you purchase, […]

How to set up Learndash course certificate verification online?

LearnDash certificate verification

Learndash course certificate verification is very important.Why ? Okay , you set upcourse and a student passed your ourse exam with certain score . When he uses the certificate anywhere , the question of authenticity of the certificate comes in. Don’t worry , there are third party plugins that helps you to setup certification confirmation […]

3 Ways for LearnDash User Registration

learndash user registration

Learndash user registration is the way a student enrols to your course.As of version 3.0,Learndash, has its own built-in login & registration process.But, there are fantastic WordPress plugins for LearnDash that makes the process of enrolment quite easy and quick.They have put a tutorial with a demo video about its login and registration system Learndash […]

How to set up LearnDash instructor accounts?

learndash instructor

Learndash LMS plugin with the aid of other extension plugin can let you create instructor role . Once you create the instructor role, teachers/instructors can create their own LearnDash courses on your site . Thus it is entirely possible that admin let others to create courses on his LearnDash site like Coursera, Udemy, and […]

How to Design LearnDash Site Using Oxygen Builder?

oxygen builder

Oxygen builder is a revolutionary page builder plugin for WordPress and specially for Learndash. If you have even little bit of designing knowledge, you can try to design your Learndash or any other LMS site with this plugin. The page builder plugin is quite different from others and technically far superior . One of the […]