LifterLMS Sticky Q & A Plugin

$75.00 / year

LifterLMS Sticky Q&A  plugin is a tool that can leapfrog your online course website. The reason is simple! This amazing plugin lets your students to ask a question or let him comment or express his/her doubts on any course or lesson a place/paragraph of the contents, exactly at the paragraph or place on the content that he/she has doubts or has issues. So, if the student has a doubt or question on the very first paragraph, he/she can raise the question exactly that place. Once the issue is raised, it goes straight to the teacher concerned who can answer from his/her admin window. The said answer stick just below the questions of the student. Further, it is not just a question and answers power to the student that makes this WordPress plugin amazing, but also the facility of making personal or private note by students that only he can see makes this plugin unique.

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