WP Sticky Note WordPress Plugin

$75.00 / year

Sticky Comment WordPress plugin is the newest and revolutionary commenting system that WordPress publishers can use to increase reader engagement on a published content, retain readers, and foster thriving communities.

Traditionally all commenting systems are at the bottom of a page. So if you want to comment on something written in the first paragraph, the first task for the commenter is to say what he is referring to .

There is a problem with visitors too ! If there are  100s of comments all referring to different parts of the article , a visitor has to go through even non-contextual comments. Thus, many comments that are hidden deep inside the ocean of comments , are not presented to visitors.

So, here comes the value of our plugin -Sticky Comment.

The Sticky Comment for WordPress plugin lets site users write comments at exactly the place he/she has something to say . This way , the visitors to your site can understand the reference of the comment in a much better way.

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